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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 8, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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for being with us. a reminder, monday, all week next week in singapore. we will have the ig report and the historic summit. with little rocket man. have a great weekend. we will see you from singapore on monday. >> laura: good evening from washington, i am a laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle." a fantastic show to wrap up the week. ranking house member adam schiff claimed last week that roger stone lied to congress. and will respond exclusively here. plus president trumps america first talk is driving the media and allies absolutely bonkers as he heads into the trade talks. very important day. and friday follies with a new art exhibit that is literally full of it. and rampage video that you must see to believe. it is hysterical. we are screaming in the car about it. and my exclusive interview with lou holtz on the disappearing
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border between sports and politics. but we begin with a shocking allegation that a "new york times" reporter has been in bed with a source of accused of leaking sensitive information. "the new york times" has the department of justice has seized phone and email records of ali watkins. and according to the paper, she has been in a 3-year relationship with the former director of security for the senate intel committee james wolfe. he was arrested yesterday and the doj charged him with lying for denying that he even knew the reporter. and for denying that he gave her information on former campaign adviser carter page. the times said that it appeared that the fbi was investigating how watkins learned that russian spies were trying to recruit page back in 2013. she reported that in an article for buzz feed. 00 on april third of 2017. there is reporting tonight to
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that there was an effort to buy this to senate intel stafford to purposefully target carter page. that is a move that could've been insurmountable in starting this entire probe into the trump presidency. here is how president trump reacted to the news. >> i know that i believe strongly in freedom of the press. i'm a big, big believer in freedom of the press. i am also a believer and classified information. it has to remain classified, and that includes comey and his ban of thieves who leaked classified information all over the place. >> laura: the of thieves, that's what they are. let's ask the guest from the difference of obama's crackdown on ap, former fox news reporter james rosen. chief political correspond ant byron york. chief political correspondent, and former attorney joe. is this the white house announcing freedom of the press,
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but now the doj is going after this poor reporter. >> i am for it, they should go after the reporters. i hope they are doing the same thing with the leaks of the private conversations with foreign leaders that were leaked at somebody at the nfc or cia. this is a legitimate tactic. at least this administration did not label the reporter a criminal coconspirator like they did with james rosenstein. that was outrageous. this is legitimate stuff. if they want to leaked classified information he should be held accountable. carter page has a new defendant for the civil suit. the guy head of security for intelligence committee. >> laura: how ironic for the senate select committee. he is the guy who ensured that to the rules are followed on secrecy and walking people in and out of the special meeting rooms where no one else can go in. he locks it down. and he is the guy who is trading secrets for a little on the side. i don't know what was going on with the gal pal.
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>> we should point out to that the reporter is not expected of any wrongdoing. nothing like that. this guy was in charge of all of that. and there have been terrible leaks in this administration. the leak of michael flynn's phone calls with the russian ambassador. and the leak with the president's actual conversations with foreign leaders. this carter page leak was a big deal. there was a court case in which some russians have been suspected of trying to recruit page, and page was referred to as mail number one in the courts pages. the court papers. he could be viewed as a confidential fbi informant who was outed and in the press. and page confirm that yes, he was male number one, but this is something where his identity was kept a secret to protect him and to this senate staffer is accused of being the one who revealed it. >> laura: is there any sense that they were doing it for political purpose, wasn't at republicans and democrats, is
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there any political intimacy. >> sean: he was there for 29 years, working for the democratic control of it. but clearly a lot of the leaks seem to concern carter page for whatever reason. >> laura: the reporter seems to have lied to the fbi, she knew him and i believe that she was not quite candid, i do not think that they will go after the reporter. about four reporters total, joe, receive some type of contact from this james wolfe. so it is not just this one ali watkin's to buzz feed, politico and "new york times" reporter, there were others as well. we do not know more about what they received if anything? >> no, not yet, but i can tell you whether he served for 29 years with republicans and democrats, this is part of the trump derangement since dumb. he did that because he does not like donald trump. but the bottom line is, also was obviously having an affair with
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the reporter from buzz feed. so there is that. but the bottom line is this is all part of a pattern. if it involves donald trump you can do anything you want. there are no rules. good, bad, indifferent. this guy went over the line and every way. he is going to do time. he is going to prison. >> according to the indictment, he was in his 50s and she was an undergraduate. in college when they begang having an affair. this is a bad idea on his part, shows terrible judgment. and she breaks a big story which was really a big story about the cia spy on the senate intelligence committee. when she is an intern, because she is beginning to have this relationship with the staffer. >> laura: buzz feed and "the new york times" both knew about the relationship. apparently they knew about it. >> yes, she revealed it to them. >> laura: that's one way to get sources. >> they were happy as clams that they had somebody feeding the information. they did not care about the genesis. >> they quote a note to saying
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that he was very happy, they broke up in december 2017 right when the fbi was beginning to bear down on him that he was happy that she had been able to get all of the scoops. >> laura: here's something that i would like to get your take on, alan dershowitz told fox news why he believes key details in the upcoming ig report were leaked. >> somebody leaked it because they are afraid it's going to get changed. and they want people like us to see the original. and i hope that they hold onto the original draft, it proves that we never needed a special counsel all of this could have been done through the justice department regular lawyers, you do not need to bring in a multimillion dollar group of people with a target on the back of specific individuals. >> this proves conclusively that you do not always know what is going on. and when somebody leaked something like this it helps you
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get a perspective on just how significant this is going to be. it is also a cautionary tale for the speaker of the house mr. ryan and trey gowdy. they have never seen the documents for the beginning of the investigation, yet they made idiotic public statements that everything is just kosher with the way that the fbi is using the staffer. they got duped and outwitted by rob rosenstein. if they were never shown the papers, they were supposed to be shown yesterday and now put off until one? the singapore summit. la dee da. >> laura: it's like the timing with the eagles. >> they are idiots. >> laura: flake, and everybody is at the door like unloading on trump. >> they are called leavers. [laughter] >> laura: the leavers in the subpoena. >> i do not think that there is a worry that it is going to be changed at the last minute, this is a manipulative leaking.
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the people who covered it, the major figures covering the report have been given a draft to look at. and to offer their input. and what has happened is that you have had some leaks so that when the news actually comes out -- >> laura: did james comey see it? so they have seen it, so what about comey leaking it because then it is out there. get it out. >> they want to get the word out there so that when the report comes out and it uses that word everybody says, oh, okay, no big deal. >> laura: but what about the fact that the interview with peter strzok in this ig investigation and apparently he asked about the fisa warrant, that's came out today. he asked about the fisa warrant on carter page. this is expanding beyond the hillary email investigation. >> it better. because it was not being investigated, my question would be to mr. rosenstein, if you are not investigating the fisa warrant, why the hell aren't you?
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may morphed into each other. >> they go together and the same people are involved in all of this, peter strzok is the guy who interviewed michael flynn. he is involved in all of these things. and we do know that michael horwitz has already started his next investigation. which is the trump-russia investigation. >> laura: he is on to the next term paper, right? >> it is already underway. >> laura: when he interviewed on strzok was it multiple times? >> no, no, strzok has been cooperating. that's why he did not get fired right away. he will be interviewed three, four, five, six times. the interview him and then interview somebody else. he did not answer a question a certain way. he will be interviewed multiple times. he may even be given immunity at certain point but the criminal proceedings against james comey and others. >> laura: i want to play something from james clapper, he was on with hugh hewitt, and
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they were talking about whether or not information was leaked to cnn and participation of the new job. let's watch. >> i had no idea that i would end up working for cnn. in january, i had not thought about it. and the only reason i was appearing on television immediately after i left the government was the main motivation was to defend the intelligence community. >> you did not tip it off? >> no. >> laura: that seems to conflict with what he said. >> they are talking about the wrong thing. they are being taped on the contents of the dossier which all of the news organizations already had. the news was on january 6, the intel had reached the select about it. that gave the news organizations
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the hook to them report it. they had the dossier, they could not reported, it was unverified. the head of the fbi briefs the president-elect, that is news. >> here's james clapper, you are watching him. this is what the american people need to realize, this man was the single most senior intelligence official of the united states government. he is a liar and in and confident. what a combination. you feel safe with that clown in charge? >> laura: no, i don't and i did not. >> he is not only a bumbling idiot, he is a bumbling liar. >> laura: had better be a lot of money, thank you so much. adam schiff is accusing a former presidential adviser of lying. he is a ranking dem on the intel house committee. you see them on cable news, but not the show. the committee last september conflicted with the established facts. here to respond is roger stone. author of the new book, i have it in my living room, "stone
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rules" and it is hilarious. i love it. you are apparently a liar says adam schiff. i know that you are in your crying towel all day and night. very upset about it. >> i hate to say it, but it is more [bleep] from the congressman of california. it is hard to know what he is talking about. if he is referring to the twitter direct messages which were leaked to the atlantic, a proof that i had no collaboration with wikileaks. i turn those over to the house intelligence committee last september. if he is referring to the emails that were cited by "the wall street journal" that proved that i had no direct contact from the source and was using a back channel, why those fell out the precisely worded scope of the intelligence committees request. a scope cosigned by mr. schiff himself. the real issue, laura, very clear. he has said that he has seen "significant evidence of russia
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collusion in the 2016 election" and has produced none, zero. he would like to change the subject. my testimony before the house intelligence committee was entirely truthful. >> laura: this is what he said, he said that testimony of don jr., and others is inconsistent with the reports of meetings, conversations and other facts that have been established and to the public reports are accurate, then clearly they were not telling the truth. don't you love how he words it? if the public reports are -- well, again. i think that they now, roger know that there is no there there. they are trying to cap it into carter page and he has seen his fortunes go down there too because of all of this. fighting in court, they have all of the convictions of the figures except for the deal with paul manafort. we will see where that goes in his associates. but i think that they are coming up empty.
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they have to keep it in the press somehow. they have to keep it going somehow with the little sparks of suppose that interest. but i do not think that it works. >> you may remember, laura, i wanted him to testify in public in a public hearing so that everybody could see it. i've been asked to testify for that intelligence committee on the senate side. and i request that that is in public, let the tv cameras roll. >> laura: you just want to sell your book, roger. let's be honest. what is possibly going to be involved. i think that they know, they know that they have come up with goose eggs and they do not want to be humiliated. you cannot get between them and a camera usually. because if they do not wanted to be on camera, it is not because of classified information. also wanting to testify, he said that he would testify, did not claim that he wanted immunity, he wanted to do it in public. the billionaire who they tried to get roped into the collusion think that he said, you are
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ridiculous. and they would not have him testify. they have not brought the russian lawyer in, but she said i'm happy to come. they will not talk to her. either the key figures like this lawyer, why would they not bring the russian lawyer in, it is curious. >> coming up empty-handed with any evidence of russia collusion, and empty handed of any hijinks regarding allegedly hacked emails with wikileaks, now they want to concoct some new crime, or new offense in an attempt to get me to testify against the president. this is not only ridiculous, but it is very expensive, laura. this threatens to bankrupt my family. i've had to set up, because i can no longer bear the legal expenses. >> laura: that is what they do, don't they. they turn the screws on people they say will ultimately destroy your family and not so many words. and then they get these
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low-level figures and say, okay, stop, i will tell you whatever i want. if i have to say it then they get 1,001 conviction and then a plea and then it is over. that's how it works. that is the game that is always played. and there is a political animist involved. and president trump is driving the media totally nuts with his approach to big trade at the summit. and of next we will reveal the method behind the trump talk that is very tough. do not go away.
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>> laura: the headlines from the talking heads scream this morning. president trump had angered and an alienated the trading partners. >> is a trump administration ruining or damaging relationships with our allies in the process of trying to put america first? >> it could hardly mask of the rift between the u.s. and the closest allies. >> increasingly there is a gap between the united states and the rest of our allies in the g7. those distinctions are widening, not closing. and that is greatly, greatly to be feared. >> laura: i just went into rem cycle again. by the president did not seem too concerned heading into the g7 summit in canada.
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>> we have massive trade deficits with almost every country, we will straighten that out. i will tell you what, it is what i do. it will not even be hard. >> laura: that might be a little bit of an exaggeration. president trump has proven naysayers wrong on foreign policy at every turn. so might as tough trade strategy bear similar result, we will ask mike pillsbury at the hudson institute and michael malice, the author of "dear reader." great to have both of you on, mike pillsbury, where are we with the wild hysteria? we finally have a president who is standing up for american workers and american companies and he is getting nothing but grief from our allies. they want everything to be the way that it was. why do they want everything to be the way that it was?
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>> it is great fear that president trump is going to succeed. he has actually made some elaborate preparations from the singapore summit and the china trade near the trade deal. if he succeeds, you realize what this means from the last three presidents, they're showing up has been failures, all of the experts who are criticizing president trump will equally be embarrassed. reputations will be shredded, there is a lot at stake for the talking heads. so, i do think that president trump is going to succeed and when it happens, we have to do more than just drink champagne. we should be talking about who was wrong. >> laura: who was wrong, and the policy that did not work and the policy that did. it is a big "if," but we have seen canada dumping lender, subsidizing the lumber industry into the united states. and france and the prop up their bust of boeing, and hundreds of millions of dollars from boeing over the years. this happens with automobiles in germany, and across the board on so many products.
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donald trump said we want to trade with you, we just want to do it different. michael i want to play a sound bite for you from president trump's day before he boarded that helicopter for the g7 on russia and the g7. let's watch. >> russia should be in the seating, why are we having a meeting without russia being in the meeting? and i would recommend and it is up to them, but russia should be in the meeting, it they should be a part of it. whether you like it or not, and it may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run. >> laura: michael? >> i think it is absolutely wonderful, he will be attacked over russia regardless, so he might as well drag in his opponents for apoplexy. for our own amusement. what is going on is that the italian elections are causing the problems here. you have to start to movement of the league in the italian government, that is forcing them
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to run into each other's hands and kind of get the wagons together regarding the e.u. for a president trump on the other side to be going towards a unilateral position and you have nato, you have the e.u., you have the united nations, this is scaring them, because they are losing control of the plan. >> laura: the free ride is over. remember the free ride, come on and take a free ride, the free ride is, you cannot keep it going. you cannot keep it going. there is no constituency for the big trade deals that are essentially unenforceable. they are not popular, that's why he won pennsylvania and why he will win again if he sticks to his guns. what about russia? less provocative in some circles, g7 has not included russia and china and many measures is a bigger economy, almost a bigger economy by some measures than ours at this point. but russia is still a significant power. >> i am a fan of
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president trump's books and he has previewed his approach to trade and to summits and he wants to get all of the players together. so you leave russia out, it is hard to do a global deal. he talks about the wrongs that have gone on since 1950, in terms of taking advantage of the trade field, so adding this additional ploy, the russians are not here. and they should be. it is another effort for him to recast international stage. as i say, if he wins and succeeds even partially, it embarrasses 30 years of policy makers talking heads, and heads of state in our own countries as well as overseas. >> laura: all of these guys i predicted recession, the first 18 months, it was going to be a disaster. >> there is a little bit of friction here now with the europeans. >> laura: he has not called macron french fry yet, which i think is a positive.
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the summit with kim jong un, he is saying that he does not need to prepare much, he has been preparing for a long time. as has the other side, no michael, does this inspire confidence or give you pause. this approach that the president took to the debate and he made that point to this morning at the marine one, he said, hillary, basically i winged. he did not prepare much. he kind of won by his gut, and his political gut has been pretty good. you cannot question it. >> we still have him saying, yeah, you would be in jail. he is preparing, splints of him in the 'old 90s talking about north korea. and the political thing with this negotiation is that it does not matter what is agreed to, it is if we trust them and how we can verify what they are going to promise. it is easy to say that we are going to give up our nukes and liberalize our country, but they do not do that in good faith with their citizens and the international committee. they could do things that are
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simple. end the kraen war and promming talks. and that would look great, but you cannot trust them again. he kills members of his own family. and his own sister. the press was doting over, in charge of brainwashing that country. >> laura: i cannot believe that the president is bringing in-n-out burgers to him. a whole bag. i'm joking. but he could be bribed with food. we have to think creatively. he wants popular culture. he likes dennis rodman, he has to know about the cia. >> he is a one person in north korea that does not have to worry about food or fortune. >> laura: he does not have in-n-out burger. this is true, they promise madeleine albright, they promised her, remember the champagne glasses, kim jong il and it is been going on and on and on, and nothing, but i sense
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that something might have broken here. china is involved, clearly. probably calling a lot of shots, you are the china experts, am i right? >> they are helping, but what is really happening is president trump is under staging his preparation. over the last 18 months. he has written about north korea 18 years ago in a chapter of a book about it. the preparation for 18 months is involving carrots and sticks, both much stronger than previous presidents. even yesterday he said he has 300 more sanctions that he is considering putting on. >> laura: looking forward to having them to the white house and then it is rocket man and was a very nice letter. >> imagine if you are a chairman trying to figure it out. you are a little bit nervous going into the summit in singapore. you better deliver something to this man, or you could be punished. president trump has focused a
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lot, especially yesterday on the opportunity to turn your country into an economic beacon around the world. this is a very important country. some limited economic reforms in the last two or three years. so what this works, and i think it will, he has a combination of fear and his agenda at work. >> laura: mike malice, before we let you go, the reporter that china was trying to figure out how do spy on the cement and bringing in these special machines that search for surveillance devices, if that is "james bond" stuff? i'm very entrepreneurial. >> james bond was british, and american know-how, that is not going to be a concern. but five years ago that donald trump and kim jong un will be shaking hands in singapore, everyone thought that this was bonkers, and here we
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are. >> laura: yes, saying that today are going to blow up the world. the most dangerous man on the planet. i mean, all of these people have egg on their face if you ask me. fantastic segment. you have to see the video that poses the question, is this totally unacceptable behavior? that is a question, or something that was secretly wish we could do. coming up with raymond arroyo, we will hear that and a new oprah exhibit in d.c. the "friday follies" are next.
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>> good evening, live from the america news headquarters. former campaign chairman facing new charges. along with a long time associate on conspiracy to obstruct justice and justice charges.
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109 people were killed in an e russian on sunday. now back to the ingraham angle. have a great morning. time for friday follies and absurd highlhts of the week. we begin with a video that many of us a woman in the jim who had enough of her thread mill. here is best selling author raymond aarroyo with that and more.
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>> laura: time for the friday follies, and the absurd headlines of the week. we begin with a video that many of us may relate to, and a woman in the gym who has just had enough of her treadmill, here is fox news contributor raymond arroyo with that and so much more. i'm sick of the gym, i am tired of the machine. they are boring. i go outside, i cannot stand it. >> the life liberty village, life is not so good. she picks up a dumbbell and smashes the treadmill. look at the guy on the right. i love this, he grabs the towel and runs for the shower. she had a full meltdown, attacked every piece of equipment in this place. but i have to say, at least she got her heart rate up and the heart rate of everyone around her. this is a workout, you smash something and take the dumbbell and just smash all of that equipment. >> laura: where did she get the sledgehammer? >> it is a dumbbell. she picked up a dumbbell and slam that. >> laura: can i see it again? she looks like a wrestler. >> good for her. don't you hate that error message on the treadmill and you are like, what are you supposed to do with the number? >> we have to move on. the art exhibit in the netherlands, "the new york times" reported this, here is what they said.
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modern, i am saying, modern art is what it represents in this case. you are looking at enormous terd sculptures. "the new york times" described it that way. it is an exhibition where you can walk through the excrement. when body functions become, when bodily functions are the focus of art, we are in trouble. how do we get from the pieta to fecal matter. these are enormous -- >> laura: what is it supposed to tell us? that life is big terd? >> it looks like your dog jimmy walked in. it is an enormous dog just drop this. what this means and why it is here, i do not know. but they have done sculptures in the past in 2005, they did a sculpture of frozen urine. the only thing i like about the exhibit, everybody had the same determination.
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it is crap. >> laura: now a new exhibit, speaking of exhibits that is not crap. at the african-american museum in washington, oprah winfrey has a big exhibit. >> a tax payer shrine to oprah. 240 artifacts, she walked around with gayle king. it is called watching oprah. >> the "oprah winfrey show," and american culture. i love it. >> look at that. >> oprah winfrey is the reason that i love myself so fiercely and know that my voice matters. that makes me want to cry. >> the bottom line is this was your gift and our gift to america. so i want to thank you for that. >> the guy who was driving me this morning, he started watching the
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"oprah winfrey show" and he would see her walk in the aisle with the audience and some of the issues that she would cover and he said, i knew that she was a good human. and i want to feel the things that are in this room and it is getting to me. at the bottom line, she really is a great human who just wants to do good in the world. >> laura: i love it! why do i talk like this? >> i hope when they open the small italian american museum around the mall that you will give an emotive report like that on fox when you stand there. >> laura: i love it when raymond did a segment about the pile of poo appeared to justin thomas gets like a millimeter. >> the artistic figure in the african-american experience, he gets a horn and a case, no exhibit hall for him. why can't we see louis
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armstrong's performances? sammy davis junior? a great african-americans, where are there full-size exhibits? this is a big overkill. >> laura: hosting a headline, the new oprah exhibit to looks like a reward for her $20 million donation. but she deserves it. >> she is the largest single donor to the museum, they have a theater named after her. here's what i want, the phil donahue exhibit. he was the first talk show before oprah. >> laura: the status news was charles krauthammer announcing that he only has a few weeks to live. tweeting out a comment saying do to cancer it is a heartbreaker. >> our thoughts and prayers are with him. a great mind, an elegant writer. >> laura: and a big one for the fox news audience for sure. we have a big treat for you in just a minute.
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>> laura: lou holtz a gridiron legend and a member of the college football hall of fame. he has coached in the nfl, the sec and guided notre dame to a national championship in 1988. also written or contributed to ten books. but tonight he joins us to discuss issues at the intersection of sports and
11:43 pm
politics and has become so prevalent today. coach, it is great to see you. thank you for being here. >> i'm delighted to be with you, congratulations on the success of your show. >> laura: thank you so much, coach. this has been so wild for me to watch what has happened in football. i mean, i've always been a football fan my whole life, my mother was an alabama fan, sorry, coach. which i inherited, no particular reason, just like baird bryant and it was always viewed with patriotism and love of country, and we are now at a place where an invitation to the white house turns the super bowl champion into a puddle of goo. they are debating for weeks how to handle it. what has happened in our country? >> well, first of all, i was fortunate enough to take a football team to the white house and it was one of the greatest experiences for all of our players. they were not going to earn millions of dollars by playing professional football, but i think that we get fouled up and what our priorities are.
11:44 pm
the one thing that i told our team was that we would not use our football team to promote anything except for the university of the philadelphia eagles or the new york jets. if you want to promote a cause use your time and your money, that is fine. but the locker room belongs to the players of the nfl. they can say what ever they want. for the football theme and team on the field belongs to me. we are here to win the super bowl. nothing else matters. i do not want any other distraction except one focus, i congratulate coach pederson on what a tremendous job, he lost a great quarterback and still manage to win the super bowl. i'm proud that he was looking forward to getting to the white house and it is unfortunate of the players do not get that experience. >> laura: his quarterback was one of the few people that wanted to come to the white house along with coach who wanted to come as well. but they did not make the trip. another coach from the nba, coach kerr from the golden state
11:45 pm
warriors made this point about patriotism and donald trump. let's watch. >> the president is turning this into a political game. it is a blatant display of nationalism, we have these military sing-alongs at the white house to show how patriotic we are even though we do not know the words. it is just incredible. it is incredible. but i am really proud of people in this country who are recognizing what is happening and instead of turning this into a political game -- >> laura: he went on to say that they are following their conscience, basically that he is a coach for the warriors. >> look, first of all, where is he living. golden state is out around san francisco, that is probably the view of most people. i am an individual, i remember when my father went to the pacific for almost five years and i never saw my father for five years, but fortunately he came back. many children's fathers did not come back and they paid the ultimate sacrifice. i've been to afghanistan, last
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june i was in korea, go into a hospital in afghanistan to see people who lost their legs and they still have the love of this country, when you talk about politics, then that is what is coming into this game. if you do not believe in something, and i think that it comes back to saying that president trump is a racist, i get tired of hearing racist, homophobia, for 77 years he did business, there was never a claim one time about him being a racist. i was in detroit yesterday, ben carson, we were trying to do some things for the disadvantage youth, president trumps leadership, they had a sign that i thought was great, said talent equally distributed around the world. opportunity is on. let's work to give people an opportunity. particularly the young people. but before this year in the previous year, looking at it as absolutely insane, because we have a problem, because we have a different objective. we might have a difference of opinion of how to make america
11:47 pm
great and how to give people an opportunity and how to win a championship. coach steve kerr has done a great job. he also won several championships with his players. congratulations on that, but when you talk about a political statement, read steve kerr's comments, that says it all. >> laura: what they are saying is that the players are following their conscience about police brutality. it is not about the country or the flag, they are very patriotic people, but they are in their own way protesting against police brutality and they think that president trump does not understand that so they do not want to spend time with president trump. >> i think what president trump said this morning was great, he said you talk about police brutality and police being unfair, bring it to me. bring me the case. bring me the people. i will look into it. he cannot do any more than that. but let's not use sports in order to promote a cause. we are there to win a championship, that is our only purpose. >> laura: i was at the
11:48 pm
white house when the crimson tide came, national champions this year and they all came. coach made it clear, everybody is coming, i'm sure the players did not like president trump, but they came and had a great time. it was a beautiful event and packed out to, and to me that's what it is all about. we put aside politics and is about the country, that is the people's house, celebrating the national championship. it is so great to see you, huge fan, come back soon, what do you? >> i will, but we can go to a different game like you requested. >> laura: we are doing that this fall, you and i are going to a game this fall. i've never been to notre dame. i am completely embarrassed. i am coming this fall with you. that is a date, coach. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> laura: should a teacher's refusal to follow school policy on transgender students cost him a job? we will speak to the teacher and his attorney next.
11:49 pm
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11:51 pm
>> laura: time for another installment of our series defending the first where we expose the enemies of the first amendment, free expression and free thought. high school teacher in brownsburg, indiana, saying that he was forced to resign after you challenge the district's policy on transgender students.
11:52 pm
that policy requires teachers to address these students by their preferred name instead of their birth name. teacher john says that that violates both his religious beliefs he and his constitutional right. i recently spoke to mr. cuvier and his attorney and i began by challenging on whether the school district really violated the client's rights. you can't use the classroom for anything you want to do speech wise, i mean, you are under contract with the school. if somebody is a teacher of anthropology wants to get up and talk about his or her view on nazism or creationism, that is my free speech, gas, but you are under contract with the school to teach spanish. so you can be fired for that, correct? >> yes, to your point, we believe that there is a constructive discharge here. that they unreasonably threw out
11:53 pm
an accommodation that was in place. they actually had a written agreement to allow john to express his convictions by using only last names of all of the students. that reasonable accommodation was tossed out by the administration after the school year. he either resigns, follows the line of the school, using these transgender names that were not as he said the birth names or he will be suspended and then terminated. those were the choices. so from the standpoint of our legal position, we believe that we have an illegal discharge. that is number one. number two, the constitutional issue is can the government compel him to violate his religious beliefs? there is sufficient federal law that says that they must make a reasonable accommodation if he has religious beliefs. in those cases they are well established around the country. we believe that this is a new one, because it deals with an insidious effort by a
11:54 pm
governmental entity, if you will, a school paid by taxpayer funds. so we see this as a different wrinkle that we have seen before in the cases coming up. >> laura: i think that the studies on transgenderism are very difficult. first of all, there is no real long peer-reviewed study that we can look at with whether hormone blockers, we do not need to get into that, it is not relevant. but there is a really explosive growth in kids calling themselves transgender. and just in the british study, they went from i think it is 94 referrals as gender dysphoria, the technical term from 2009-2010. 94 at the clinic to now between 2016-2017 1986 referrals including some of those where children are younger than six
11:55 pm
years of age. people are thinking that this could be gender affirming treatments and actually encouraging kids who call themselves transgender, most grow out of it. that is the way that it is. but other studies, adolescent health journal saying that they are two to three more times likely to suffer from depression, suicide, other mental disorders, very difficult. so are you acting in part out of concern for these kids thinking that they are getting bad advice from their parents or others? >> i do really care about these students, that is why i wanted to sidestep the whole issue. i wanted to focus on teaching the kids orchestra and being able to reach out to them. and i have been able to over the course of the year cultivate friendly relationships with my students including the transgender students of mine. and i really want to continue teaching their. i love these kids and i want to
11:56 pm
continue that work. >> laura: john, what was the reaction from the other students? they must have heard about this. what grade are we talking about here? >> 9-12. >> laura: what was the reaction of the other students when they change names at the middle of the term? >> in my class, because i had been referring to students by their last name only, it has not really been a topic that has been discussed. we focused on working together as a team to create beautiful music. i think that i've been successful in being able to create a culture and my classroom that they are respecting each other and i expect them to. and i cared for them and do respect them all. >> laura: and the suit being filed in federal court? >> we hope not, we hope that the school board at 6:30 on monday, recants, alliance of freedom brought me into this to try to avoid litigation if we can get
11:57 pm
it handled, that's what john wants and what we want. >> laura: john wants to go back and teach. all right, gentlemen, thank you so much. we will be right back. hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh. your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart. ..
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>> that's all the time we have tonight, sadly, but tune in it had when president trump's >> all time we have tonight but be sure to tune in monday with donald trump's big summit with
12:00 am
the north korean dictator kim jong un will be underway during our our. don't miss the inside story will get analysis you won't get anywhere else. until then have a great weekend, and time now for shannon bream and the fox news at night team. shannon: digging for answers in the case of james wolf, the former director of security for the senate intelligence committee. you heard the news break right here last night. wolf it appeared made avidin his sensitive role of communicating with the media including a college intern with whom he reportedly had a romantic relationship. what is behind it all? love and leaks or anti-trump bias? breaking news from atty. gen. jeff sessions speaking for the first time since declaring he will not defend the


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